“SEC Highlights Importance of 2FA, Tips for Securely Investing in Pre-Sale ICO”


On an ironic note, the SEC was SIM-swapped just a day before approving a Bitcoin ($BTC) Spot ETF. This incident highlights the lack of basic security measures that are meant to protect investors. However, it also serves as a reminder of the importance of 2FA.

Negligence can have serious consequences, such as compromised accounts or wallets. To avoid such risks, learn how to safely and securely purchase new crypto in this presale ICO.

The Importance of 2FA: A Lesson from the SEC’s Security Failure

The SEC, responsible for safeguarding the public from fraud and misconduct, was itself hacked and involved in market manipulation. The hacker gained access to the SEC’s account, likely through a sim swap attack, and prematurely announced the approval of several Bitcoin ETFs. This caused a spike in $BTC’s price, but when the compromised account was revealed, it dropped by 6%.

This begs the question: how did the hacker gain access to the SEC’s account? As a government agency, the SEC is expected to have strict security protocols in place. Yet, this situation could have been avoided if 2FA authentication tools, like authenticators, were used. The ease of swapping phones has made sim swapping a common occurrence, with hackers exploiting basic personal information or claiming to have lost their phone.

This lapse in judgment reflects poorly on the SEC’s reputation, which has already been under scrutiny due to repeated rulings against them in US courts. However, investors can learn from this mistake and prioritize the use of multi-factor authentication and authenticator apps for their own security.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX): The Most Secure ICO of the Year

The pre-sale for Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is gaining popularity as it offers a chance for new investors to learn about purchasing new crypto before it hits the market. This project has passed rigorous security audits and is highly anticipated due to its unique dual P2E/memecoin nature. No other project offers this combination of GameFi and memecoin genres.

When investing, consider the narratives behind each crypto and choose those that align with industry trends. GameFi is expected to be one of the fastest-growing verticals in 2024, and Galaxy Fox’s addictive play-to-earn runner game is at the forefront of this trend. The memecoin’s popularity has also soared thanks to its viral marketing strategy and tokenomics model.

The ecosystem of Galaxy Fox includes a NFT collection and marketplace, real-world merchandise, and a growth-oriented environment. Its deflationary tokenomics and staking rewards make it a promising candidate for the next generation of protocols, potentially joining the ranks of the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

By participating in the pre-sale, investors can secure a great price for $GFOX and potentially reap huge rewards during the price discovery round in a bullish market. Early adopters will also have the opportunity to stake their tokens and gradually increase their ownership of the total supply, thanks to $GFOX’s deflationary nature. Additionally, the buy and sell tax will provide stakers with significant payouts, making early participation highly incentivized.

Closing Thoughts: Learn How to Purchase New Crypto Before Listing Today

In the world of crypto, security is of utmost importance. The SEC’s recent security failure, which comes as no surprise given their harsh treatment of the industry, serves as a cautionary tale. Take note and replace any SMS verification processes with authenticator apps for enhanced security.

By joining Galaxy Fox’s smart contract, investors can secure their purchased tokens upon launch. Don’t miss out on the potential gains from this cycle’s top-performing projects by not knowing how to purchase tokens before they are listed. Join the Galaxy Fox Presale and be part of the community today.

Learn more about $GFOX:

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