Warning: Consensus Error in Geth Version 1.4.19 and 1.5.2


Alert: Critical Issue in Geth

Affected Configuration: Geth

Severity: High

Summary: A Fault has been identified in Geth’s Journaling Mechanism that caused a chain split at block #2686351 (24. Nov 2016 14:12:07 UTC). The latest Geth Version 1.5.3 resolves the issue and the fork.

Details: The transaction that caused empty account deletions was not completed with an out of fuel exception, meaning it was impossible to reverse them. An additional bug was found in the Parity client that failed to undo empty account deletions in a few limited circumstances including gasless calls and precompiled contracts. Geth’s new behavior is in line with Parity’s. After the state recompense process is done, empty accounts should be of no concern within a week.

The Chain was formed from block #2686351. Geth client is seen as invalid by both Parity and the current Geth chain and the new Geth Version was abandoned in block #2686516. This means that around 165 blocks of the chain were discarded. Transactions are broadcasted over the network so they will most likely be available in both the old and the new Geth. The mining rewards as well as transaction fees on the older chain were lost.Both clients will accept on-chain transactions, or blocks, as they are now reversed.

The latest version of geth will update the blockchain starting at the fork point, even if it’s already synced beyond that point.

Fix: Geth 1.5.3 has been released.

If You are using Geth: Download the most recent client here https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/releases/tag/v1.5.3

If You are using Mist: Restart Mist and you will be prompted to update your Geth Client used by Mist with geth 1.5.3.

If You don’t update, you will be stuck on an unsupported chain.

We Suggest that high-value users and exchanges have multiple clients. If they are out of sync, they automatically suspend trading or enter secure mode.

The Ethereum can be held on websites and mobile apps. Ethereum can be used to conduct transactions online or on a mobile device. Ethereum Providers”Third-Party Providers”). To facilitate their services, they require a client infrastructure. You typically don’t need to do much if you use a third-party provider like MetaMask, Jaxx, or MyEtherWallet. However, you should check with your Ethereum provider to find out what, if any, action they recommend for their customers.


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