Warning: Mist May Be Compromised When Viewing Malicious Sites


Alert: Mist has some low-level functions exposed, which could be risky. Websites can be used to access the computer’s file systems and to read/erase data. This applies only if you go to an untrustworthy page. This company is aware of these vulnerabilities and tries to protect users. It is recommended to update Mist to avoid any possible attacks

Affected Configurations: All Versions of Mist from 0.8.6 or prior This Vulnerability does not affect the Ethereum Wallet, which cannot load external DApps.
Probability: Medium
Severity: High


Certain Mist APIs were exposed. Malicious webpages could gain access to a privileged interface. They could delete files on the local system, launch registered protocol handlers, or acquire sensitive information such as the home directory. Users or the “currency base” User. Vulnerable Fog APIs Exposed:



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