“Sensay Raises $3M in Record-Breaking Public Sale, Introducing Revolutionary $SNSY Token”


London, United Kingdom, April 2nd, 2024, Chainwire

Sensay, the creators of digital immortality on the blockchain, are celebrating a major victory as they have successfully raised over $3 million through a public auction. This marks an important financial milestone for the bootstrapped entrepreneurs, surpassing their seed-funded competitors who have yet to release any products. Sensay is a leader in the digital identification sector and has surpassed its competitors in terms of funding and product development.

Innovating Digital Legacy

Sensay’s advanced platform for creating authorized AI replicas opens up new possibilities for intellectual capital creation and distribution. The launch of the $SNSY Token has revolutionized the management and monetization of digital identities through a decentralized infrastructure, promising a future where digital replicas will continue to add value indefinitely.

The market’s confidence in Sensay’s vision is evident through the rapid sale of tokens at the public auction. The following are some examples of the technology at work.

Dan Thomson, Sensay’s CEO, stated, “This achievement is a significant milestone for us, surpassing industry benchmarks and setting a new standard in digital identity monetization. Our technology’s potential to transform the digital legacy landscape is now more evident than ever.”

Traction and Strategic Partnerships

Sensay currently has over 25,000 active monthly users and a vibrant community of over 50,000 members. They have been recognized as TedAI Hackathon Finalists and placed in the top three on Product Hunt. Their impact and innovation have been showcased by being endorsed by Oxford University and the Außerdem Society. In addition, they have formed strategic partnerships with Fetch AI, SingularityNET, Banyan (Filecoin), AIOZ, SolvCare, and LayerZero, further amplifying their technological edge and market reach.

Future Growth

The $SNSY Token is expected to be listed on top centralized exchanges as well as the decentralized exchange Uniswap on April 2nd, 2024. The team is proud of their achievements and has gained recognition from influential individuals, investors, and industry partners through the public sale.

The proceeds from the public sale will be used to fuel further innovation and expansion. Sensay invites individuals and businesses to explore the potential of the $SNSY token and engage with their growing ecosystem. For more information, visit https://snsy.ai and join the Digital Legacy Revolution.

About Sensay

Sensay creates lifelike AI replicas with limitless potential for everyone in the digital age. These on-chain verified digital twins are autonomous and empower users to retain control and monetize the technology. The technology is already making an impact on society, with replicas being given to dementia patients and their family members. Beyond that, digital twins can be used in various other ways.

Users can even have a conversation with a digital copy of Sensay’s founder, Dan Thomson, at: sensay.io/replicas/dan

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