Shiba Inu (SHIB) Presale Surpasses $1.5M, BitMart Listing Announced


London, UK, August 4th, 2023, Chainwire

Shiba Memu, the latest AI-backed crypto meme coin, has been making waves in the market after surpassing the $1.5 million fundraising milestone and announcing its exchange debut with BitMart within just one month of its presale. The exchange is a preferred choice for the project as it has been active since 2017 and has over 1500 cryptocurrencies listed.

The idea driving Shiba Memu’s AI was born from the team’s prior experience with high marketing agency fees. Therefore, they decided to develop a self-promoting AI that can be used for various practical applications.

The combination of a tangible concept, appealing design and Shiba Memu mascots has generated great interest from investors, crypto enthusiasts and other parties who recognize the potential of the project. Currently, Shiba Memu is priced at $0.0181 and the smart contract programmed by the team will ensure that the price of the tokens will always be lower than the listed price on the exchange. For instance, if you purchase at $0.0181 today, the increase will be 35% at the end of the presale on day 60.

The official website allows you to purchase tokens and find out more information about the project.

The success of Shiba Memu can be attributed to the potential of its AI. NLP (Natural Language Processing) and sentiment analysis are used to scan the internet, particularly social media platforms, and promote relevant products and services to businesses. Additionally, the brand image has been changed from a plain cute meme of a dog to a humorous dog meme.

Various renowned YouTubers have shown their support for the project, including NFTsGuide with more than 700K followers who recently described it as an ‘AI Marketing Powerhouse’. Crypto Moonlight’s channel has gone further by predicting prices and calculating how much SHMU investors need to hold to get a substantial ROI.

The effectiveness of the marketing strategies applied has been proven by the speed with which the project has spread and the interests it has gained from cryptocurrency experts, showing that the developers’ idea of creating self-marketing technology is relevant to both investors and crypto enthusiasts. The presale price will increase by 119% on day 32, which is the last day, so there is not much time for those who are interested in the project.

About Shiba Memu

Shiba Memu (SHMU) coin is a new dog-themed cryptocurrency meme coin. It uses AI to generate buzz and promote itself in online communities, and it is positioned as an industry innovator. This project, which uses AI to create meme coins, is a breakthrough innovation and provides small and mid-sized businesses with effective marketing solutions and cost-saving options.

Visit their official website to find out more about this AI-powered dog meme.


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