Shiba Inu Token’s Presale Soars Past $3.95 Million as Stage Two Nears Finish Line


The cryptocurrency market has been having a rollercoaster week, yet Bitcoin has held its price above $28k. The Shiba Memu project has seen a rise in interest lately, with its presale now surpassing the $3.95 million mark. This surge in popularity has led to the Shiba Memu team announcing a $100k giveaway contest.

Shiba Memu is a meme token project that seeks to develop a platform using AI and blockchain technology to create a marketing genius. It will handle the various marketing activities of agencies and generate content for companies and individuals to help them market their products and services. Unlike other meme coins, it provides real-world use cases and solves real-world problems.

The funds raised from the presale are to be used for developing the project’s main product, the Shiba Memu AI technology. The project runs on two major blockchains, Ethereum and BNB Chain.

With the recent surge in Bitcoin’s price and the upcoming Bitcoin halving, Shiba Memu could be one of the biggest winners of the bull market. To find out more about the Shiba Memu presale, click here.

Investors are advised to make their own decisions on whether to invest in Shiba Memu or not.

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