Shiba Meme Raises $1.7M in Record-Breaking Presale


A new AI-led meme cryptocurrency, Shiba Memu, has caught the attention of investors. In a few weeks, its presale has already raised $1.697 million. This lovely puppy of a cryptocurrency has interesting capabilities that make it a worthy rival with huge potential.

Shiba Memu stands out from other meme cryptocurrencies because it incorporates AI. This AI enables the token to maintain momentum and be a sustainable project. It can sniff out the best creative ideas in advertising, generate hype and drive growth. As an autonomous marketing machine, Shiba Memu can learn from successful marketing interventions and improve its own strategies. It can also forecast trends and tailor its marketing through predictive analytics and sentimental analysis. Finally, Shiba Memu can build positive interactions with users through an AI dashboard.

The presale of Shiba Memu will close in eight weeks, with the price increasing daily at 6 PM. At the end of the presale, the price will be $0.0244, up from the initial $0.011125. This dynamic allows Shiba Memu to generate value for investors daily.

Looking at the meme space, meme cryptocurrencies have gone from a valuation of $0 in early 2020 to $20 billion in early 2022. There is potential for Shiba Memu to rise by up to 1000% in a few days after going live. But Shiba Memu’s AI has the potential to take it further and become a 50x investment.

Investing in a good project like Shiba Memu now, when the price is low and demand is locked, could be the right decision. These tokens have returned big to its early movers, and Shiba Memu could be no different.

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