Shiba Meme Set to Take Over as Crypto Sector Slumps


Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, two of the leading meme tokens, have seen gains on the improved crypto sentiment. Despite this, the cryptocurrencies remain a far cry from their former selves. Shiba Inu’s price of $0.00000866 is only a fraction of its all-time high of $0.00009, and Dogecoin has not been able to live up to its hype, keeping its position as the 9th most valuable crypto.

This could be an indication that the market is ready for a new meme project, and Shiba Memu (SHMU) may be the answer. So what is Shiba Memu’s value proposition?

The meme token sector is estimated to be worth over $20 billion, but investors have yet to find a sustainable meme project. Shiba Memu is the first of its kind to use artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure its sustainability. AI features such as sentiment analysis can help the project detect and address any negative publicity, while continuously improving its marketing strategy.

With AI, Shiba Memu can sustain interest in the token and its gains, thus providing investors with a high return on investment. The project also has an AI dashboard, which offers users the opportunity to query the AI and make suggestions. This could be a great way to build an engaged community and increase credibility.

The presale of Shiba Memu opened a couple of weeks ago and has seen an overwhelming demand. The team has extended the presale to give more investors the opportunity to get on board. The token will be listed on the best exchanges after the presale ends in 43 days.

The initial price of the token was $0.011125 and has now risen to $0.041275 – nearly four times its original value. The team has also been careful to set the prices of the token in the presale in order to benefit early backers. Investors have bought over $4.52 million worth of SHMU so far.

It is too soon to tell whether or not Shiba Memu will replace its predecessors, but the future looks promising. With high speculative value, potential for huge returns, and a high demand for the token, Shiba Memu could become a market leader. The token may experience a 10x increase through the intensified use of AI, or even more if the project keeps growing.

Only time will tell if Shiba Memu lives up to the expectations, but so far it seems like the project is on the right track.

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