Shiba Memu Secures $2.58 Million in Funding


JPMorgan is said to be entering a new phase in its pursuit of blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions. The banking giant is said to be launching a blockchain-powered token to revolutionise global payments. In a similar vein, Shiba Memu is bringing a new perspective with its AI application.

JPMorgan’s token seeks to accelerate international settlements and payments. The new token is expected to reduce transaction costs by eliminating clearinghouses and counterpart banks. The bank already has JPM Coin, which has already processed about $300 billion.

Shiba Memu is bringing a new marketing angle through blockchain. The AI application lets the platform research and find the most creative ideas in marketing. Users can interact with the AI, ask questions, give feedback, and get informed on marketing strategies. The token has already attracted over $2.58 million worth of investments in a fast-occurring presale.

The potential of Shiba Memu is huge. Meme cryptocurrencies have seen huge price movements in the past, with gains of up to 10,000%. Shiba Memu carries a similar potential when listed, meaning investors could return big. While there is some risk of volatility, the AI angle makes it a sustainable project.

The presale of Shiba Memu is unique, with the price increasing every day at 6 PM GMT. This increases the potential of early investors. Once listed, the token could rise 10x, 20x, or even 50x. The overwhelming presale suggests the likely price surge.

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