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Crypto Price Prediction: The US SEC is close to deciding on the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF. Bullish sentiment continues to spread throughout the market, with many anticipating the potential approval of ETFs.

Published 16 hours ago, this article discusses the recent market trends and potential price predictions for various cryptocurrencies. While the majority of major cryptocurrencies have experienced a minor decline, the overall market cap has fallen by 2.12%.

Recent filings by major asset managers indicate that the SEC may be closer to approving spot Bitcoin ETFs. However, it is important to note that S-1 documents are still needed for these securities to be listed.

Bloomberg ETF Analyst, Eric Balchunas, recently shared his optimistic outlook on Twitter, stating that the SEC may approve a Bitcoin ETF this week. However, the SEC must confirm the deal before it can be considered final.

Despite a week of high volatility in the crypto market, some tokens, such as Akash Network (AKT), Celestia (TIA), and Sei The (SEI), have shown consistent bullish trends. When market sentiment improves, these tokens may see a greater potential for recovery.

The article also discusses the price predictions for Celestial (TIA), SEI, and Akash Network (AKT). Technical analysis charts are used to analyze recent market trends and potential price movements.

The author, Sahil, has over three years of experience in the financial markets and is an expert in technical analysis. He continues to explore the opportunities that cryptocurrency offers, driven by his passion for trading.

It is important to note that the opinions presented in this article are solely those of the author and may not reflect the actual market conditions. Before investing in cryptocurrencies, it is important to do your own research and analysis. The author and publication are not responsible for any personal financial losses.

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