Valuable Metals Store Value Well in 2022 – Market Review


Gold has closed out the year just a little below the values ​​seen 12 months ago. Statistics On December 26, 2022 revealed that $1810 was the USD rate per ounce. TodayThe cost of gold is $1797 per ounce. SilverThe However, the worth of has risen over the last year. Prices The current USD rate of $23.72 is $23.04 per unit. December 26, 2022.

Gold has declined modestly in the past year while silver has advanced somewhat – valuable metals have maintained their worth despite the macroeconomic crisis and energy crisis

While While The US has seen precious metals such silver and gold fluctuate in value. Dollar The year-to-date stats on silver and gold prices show an almost identical trend to last year. Gold It In the last 12 month, it traded at $1810 per troy ounce. Now, it trades at $1797, or 0.71% lower. Silver Was Priced at $23.04/ounce It It is now worth 2.95 percent more at $23.72/ounce

OneVia Tradingview On Dec 26, 2022.

2022 was an interesting year for gold. March 8, 2022: The rate for an ounce of gold was $2.070/unit Although Silver The same day, a new record was set. HoweverHowever, it has some work to do before it reaches the $40/oz mark it reached in 2011. Silver Close Breaking the $27/ounce Barrier March 8 of 2022

Silver and gold: stored value of precious metals this year surpassing crypto assets in 2022

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