Six Hours Remaining in MetaWin’s High-Stakes $1 Million USDC Race


London, UK, December 22nd, 2023 – Chainwire

MetaWin, the premier web3 competition platform leveraging blockchain technology, is launching its record-breaking MetaWin Millionaire prize draw to award one lucky participant a life-changing $1 Million USDC! With the competition ending today at 21:00 GMT, participants still have a chance to secure a free entry before registration closes.

Crypto Twitter Abuzz with Anticipation

Interest in the competition is mounting, with multiple influential accounts entering the draw such as Pranksy, dannycrypt, sibel and noteezzy. Despite the excitement, there are currently just over 5000 registered entries, giving new participants attractive odds for winning.

More than 50+ ETH in Free-to-Play NFT’s

To celebrate the momentous countdown to the World’s biggest crypto prize, Metawin has released 50+ ETH worth in NFT’s in free-to-enter competitions. The prizes range from smaller projects to more established blue chips such as Killabears, Miladys, Otherdeeds and more. Entries are capped to ensure equal chances of winning, and just require a small gas fee to register the entry on the Ethereum blockchain.

Anticipating the $1 Million USDC Winner

As the countdown clock approaches the final hours, MetaWin encourages potential participants to seize the moment and claim their chance at the $1 Million USDC prize. Users can claim their free entry via this link: Opportunity for Users to Win $1 Million USDC – Free Entry Available

MetaWin extends its best wishes to all entrants and looks forward to announcing the fortunate victor.

About MetaWin

MetaWin stands at the forefront of on-chain competition platforms, revolutionizing the landscape of digital contests. Through harnessing the power of blockchain technology, MetaWin delivers a competition experience characterized by transparency, fairness, and excitement. With a track record of substantial giveaways and an unwavering commitment to innovation, MetaWin is shaping the future of online competitions.


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