“Sky Mavis Co-Founder’s Wallets Targeted in Multi-Million Dollar ETH Hack”


Jeffrey Zirlin, co-founder of Sky Mavis, has confirmed that a hacker has compromised two of his personal wallets. The breach reportedly did not impact Ronin chain’s validation or operational aspects.

According to data from blockchain security firm PeckShield, the hacker stole approximately 3,248 Ether, worth about $9.7 million. The attacker withdrew the funds from the Ronin Bridge and transferred them to the crypto mixing platform Tornado Cash.

Fortunately, Zirlin clarified that the attack was limited to his personal accounts and did not affect the security or operations of Ronin. He also assured that the leaked keys had nothing to do with Sky Mavis operations and that strict security measures are in place for all chain-related activities.

This incident is not the first security breach to occur on Ronin. In March 2023, hackers stole $625 million in crypto through an exploit on the platform. Law enforcement and blockchain security providers later traced the attack to Lazarus Group, a North Korea-backed hacker group.

Following the news of the hack, the price of Ronin (RON) fell sharply from $3.17 to lows of $2.74, down 6% in the past 24 hours. Meanwhile, Axie Infinity (AXS) remained relatively flat at around $7.78.

In conclusion, the security breach on Jeffrey Zirlin’s personal wallets is concerning, but it is reassuring to know that Ronin’s operations and users were not affected. This incident serves as a reminder for individuals and companies to prioritize strong security measures in the crypto space.

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