Small Brains BitCulture, Solana, & Big Eyes Small Brains Join Forces to Spread Crypto Culture


As the popularity of cryptocurrency continues to rise, so does the desire to learn more about the culture and community behind it. In response, the Solana Foundation recently announced an event to invite entrepreneurs and creators from the world of NFTs to pitch their ideas. has also launched BitCulture, a column that explores the culture surrounding the cryptocurrency industry. Additionally, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is introducing several features to cultivate a community-driven crypto culture.

Big Eyes Coin: Community-First Meme Coin

Big Eyes Coin closed its presale on June 3rd after raising over $46 million from its investor base. As a meme coin, $BIG is focused on creating a strong community. To that end, they have developed an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain for enhanced security and speed. Additionally, holders can access Big Eyes Coin’s crypto casino featuring 4000 games and P2E opportunities. Furthermore, 5% of the token supply has been allocated to a charity wallet, which will be donated to ocean-saving charities worldwide. The token will launch on June 15th, with a price of $0.0006, and will be available on Uniswap, OKX DEX, and Poloniex CEX, as well as OKX’s DEX wallet.

Solana Announces Competition for NFT Creatives

Solana Blockchain, with its fast processing times and low transaction costs, has attracted institutional interest and looks to make decentralised finance more accessible. Despite some criticism of its tokenomics and occasional outages, Solana is thriving. The Solana Foundation tweeted an invitation to creators from various industries to bring their business ideas to life and collaborate with industry experts and NFT community leaders. Solana offers the tools and support needed to make visions a reality, making it an attractive platform for aspiring NFT brands. The Foundation is also offering rewards for those who excel in the competition.

BitCulture: Crypto Culture News

Cointelegraph’s new column BitCulture looks at the culture generated by the cryptocurrency industry. Its most recent story discusses how NFTs challenge the role of galleries as gatekeepers, emerging trends such as AI integration and illustration as a fine art form, and the music industry’s response to AI-generated music. BitCulture also covers events like the Web3 Music Summit and explores the cultural impact of NFTs in the book “Crypto Titans.”

Cryptocurrency has moved from a niche interest to a large community that has created its own culture. This is why projects like Big Eyes Coin are successful, as they cater to these crypto communities. To join one of the fastest-growing and vibrant communities, go to Big Eyes Coin’s website and sign up for the launch on June 15th.

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