Smart Money Flows Into LINK, SHIB, and 1INCH Tokens


Cryptocurrencies such as LINK, SHIB and 1INCH have recently caught the attention of the broader cryptomarket, as they have been ranked high on the list of smart money token inflow. As of today, they remain at the top.

The emergence of these tokens indicates the confidence of experienced crypto market enthusiasts, as they portray investors’ and traders’ trust in these tokens.

A Detailed Study of SHIB, 1INCH and LINK Smart Money

The Ethereum blockchain-based altcoins mentioned above are among the top five tokens according to the smart money market charts. Nansen.AI, which provides on-chain metrics and facilitates smart money token inflow, recently released data.

LINK was reported to be the third most valuable cryptocurrency, with a smart money flow of $5.49 millions in the last 24 hours and an exchange flow of $3.27 million. SHIB was the fourth most valuable cryptocurrency, with a smart money flow of $4.11 million in the same period, but a loss of $1.05 million on the exchange. Lastly, 1INCH reported a smart-money inflow of 5.95 million dollars, despite incurring a loss of $130.12k on the exchange.

Price Evaluation of LINK, SHIB and 1INCH

After the data release by Nansen.AI, the tokens have seen a significant surge in value, creating a frenzy among the crypto world. At the time of writing, Chainlink had grown by 5.42%, reaching $16.19, with a weekly increase of 9.64% and a month-to-month rise of 19.53 %. The Shiba Inu token also had a marginal boost of 4.38%, valued at $0.000009957, along with a 20% increase in value during the week, although its 24-hour volume trading had decreased by 35.81% to $297.16 Million.

Meanwhile, 1InCh Network’s price had increased by 6.57% to $0.3958 over the past 24 hours, with a 15% growth in the past week and a 6% monthly increase.

Similar to LINK and SHIB, ETH has also seen a price increase. Market sentiment appears to be positive, as these smart money tokens continue to rise in the list.

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