“Solana Developers Set Deadline to Address Transaction Glitch on April 15”


On April 15, Solana developers are expected to implement a patch to fix transaction issues that have recently plagued the network. This comes after the explosive growth of meme coins on the Solana ecosystem, which led to a surge in activity and volume, impacting network performance.

According to Helius Labs CEO Mert Mumtaz, the issues are not a design flaw, but rather an implementation bug that can be easily fixed. He noted the distinction between the two, stating that design flaws are more serious and fundamental.

The expected date for the patch is April 15, but this could change if any other issues arise. Solana is a top blockchain platform in the DeFi and NFT space, known for its network efficiency and low transaction fees. However, it has faced multiple network issues, including outages and a high rate of failed transactions.

The current failure rate has decreased to 58%, but Solana developers are still working on a fix. The network uses QUIC, a networking protocol that currently has deficiencies and bugs.

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