Solana Unveils Crypto-Friendly ‘Saga’ Smartphone to Launch in May


  • Saga, Solana’s crypto-friendly ‘Saga’ smartphone, is set to be released in May.
  • The device features a ‘seed vault’ for crypto wallets.
  • The device also comes with a custom store for crypto-specific applications.

Thursday saw the announcement from Solana Labs that its crypto-friendly ‘Saga’ smartphone will be available for purchase as of May 8th.

Saga doubles as a Hardware Wallet

This device, boasting the latest Android operating system, is equipped with a ‘seed vault’, transforming it into a crypto hardware wallet.

When it was first revealed in June 2022, Saga came with a hefty $1,000 price tag, which includes 512 GB storage, 6.67-inch OLED display, dual-camera setup, and 12 GB RAM.

Solana differentiates its handset with the ‘Solana Mobile Stack’ which has embedded security features for crypto transactions and trading.

Custom ‘dapp’ Store on Saga

Saga currently has more than a dozen crypto-specific applications available on its dedicated ‘dapp’ store, with the number expected to increase in the future.

Unlike Apple or Google, Solana won’t be charging any ‘extractive fees’ for the apps listed on its custom store. For regular apps, users will be able to turn to Google Play just as they would with any other android device, the company confirmed.

Shipping has already started for those who pre-ordered Saga, which is aiming to integrate the Web3 experience into a cellphone. It’s worth noting that similar attempts by Sirin Labs and HTC have previously failed.

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