South Korea to Require Disclosure of Crypto Holdings for Top Officials in 2024 Amid Launch of New Exchange


South Korea and the Crypto Space are making waves with their recent initiatives. South Korea is taking steps to revolutionize transparency in public service by introducing an integrated asset disclosure service for public officials, while Pullix is challenging trading norms with its unique hybrid DeFi approach and PLX token presale.

The Ministry of Personnel Management is launching the ‘Public Official Ethics System (PETI)’ next year. The system requires 5,800 public officials to disclose details of their assets, including virtual assets, and provides a consolidated view that allows for searches based on names or organization names. This addresses the challenges posed by the expanding market size of cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, Pullix’s innovative “Trade-to-Earn” concept enables users to earn rewards for trading on the platform. Additionally, PLX token holders benefit from a revenue-sharing mechanism, allowing them to profit from the daily revenue of the exchange. Other features include deep liquidity, leverage up to 1000:1, zero commissions, and a governance model that empowers token holders.

These initiatives demonstrate the ongoing evolution of transparency, technology, and financial ecosystems, and will shape the future of government practices and cryptocurrency exchanges.

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