“SpaceCatch: New Augmented Reality Game Sets Release Date”


Introducing SpaceCatch, a revolutionary AR M2E (Move-to-Earn) game with a captivating storyline set in a futuristic world. On April 22, 2024, the game will be released to the public, packed with impressive features and numerous benefits after extensive development.

In this game, players, known as Catchers, must defeat AI-driven aliens who have taken over Earth. The game’s engaging narrative makes it difficult to put down, and only 22,000 entries are available for the pre-launch. The growing community and successful fundraising efforts are a testament to its appeal and potential.

But how does it work? SpaceCatch utilizes cutting-edge technologies to deliver an immersive gaming experience. The game operates on two models: M2E and P2E. The P2E model is simple – players engage in combat with aliens to restore peace on Earth. The M2E model, on the other hand, incorporates Augmented Reality (AR), allowing players to interact with the game in the real world.

Moreover, SpaceCatch uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create a unique gaming experience for each player, molded by their decisions, preferences, and behavior.

But SpaceCatch is more than just a game. It has its native token, CATCH, which holds value both inside and outside the game’s ecosystem. CATCH was distributed to users during fundraising events and can also be earned through specific actions in the game. It is also available for purchase on various exchanges, such as Gate.io, Bitget, MEXC, BitMart, XT.com, and Bingx.

For those who missed out on the fundraising rounds or prefer not to perform certain actions in the game, CATCH can still be obtained through buying, selling, or trading on different platforms. This allows new players to have a better start in the SpaceCatch world, as CATCH helps improve characters and tools, contributing to their evolution in the game and the common goal of restoring peace on Earth.

But this is just the beginning for SpaceCatch. With only 22,000 beta entries available, gamers should visit the official website and follow the game’s activity on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Medium, and CoinMarketCap.

Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking game and join the SpaceCatch community today!

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