Spectra Decentralized Hedge Fund VC Sees Strong Presale Demand


VC Spectra, a leading fintech company driving innovation through strategic investments and ICOs, has reported a strong demand for its Stage 2 presale. The token sale has attracted a lot of interest from investors, especially early ones who recognize Spectra’s potential to redefine the crypto industry.

VC Spectra is focused on democratizing investment opportunities. The company has created a unique niche by providing on-chain hedge funds and extending early stage investments to non-accredited investors, thus bridging an important market gap.

By choosing the SPCT token, investors can enjoy a number of unique benefits, including voting rights and early access to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). SPCT is developed on the Bitcoin Blockchain using the BRC-20 Standard and provides a robust method for decentralized asset management and transaction facilitation. The main currency in the ecosystem is called the Spectra Token (SPCT).

The deflationary model implemented by the decentralized hedge fund, which includes a mechanism to burn the SPCT token, will gradually decrease token circulation. This novel approach further solidifies SPCT’s standing in the crypto market.

The VC Spectra Public presale is currently underway and the demand for the 2nd edition is already high. The price of the SPCT token has been reduced to $0.008 since Stage 1 increased to $0.011 in Stage 2. On March 3, the token will cost $0.025, representing a 213% increase in the original token price. VC Spectra currently offers a 25% bonus on all deposits made by investors.

VC Spectra is a venture-capital fund that invests into blockchain and technology projects in order to generate returns for investors. Learn more about the VC Spectra Presale Here.

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