Staff “U.Today Staff Releases Comprehensive Crypto Digest for Investors”


Welcome to U.Today’s Crypto News Digest! Here are the top three news stories in the world of crypto:

1. Ripple’s top lawyer calls SEC a “broken regulator”, Tron founder withdraws billions of SHIB from Binance, and Samson Mow slams JP Morgan CEO.

2. Coinbase CEO Paul Grewal and his legal team are fighting against the SEC’s lawsuit, which Ripple’s top lawyer Stuart Alderoty has praised as a brave move against a “broken regulator”. This case has significant implications for the entire crypto industry.

3. Tron founder Justin Sun has recently acquired and withdrawn a large amount of tokens, including SHIB, MANA, BAND, FLOKI, and LINK. This move has sparked speculation about Sun’s intentions, with some suggesting he may be planning to bridge Tron and Shibarium.

4. JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon has warned against involvement with Bitcoin, calling it a tool for money laundering and fraud. However, Bitcoin advocate Samson Mow argues that instead of fighting it, the banking sector should embrace it and even transition into a “Bitcoin bank” to stay relevant in the changing financial landscape.

This article was originally published on U.Today. Stay tuned for more updates on the world of crypto.

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