“Starknet Begins Vote on Major Protocol Upgrade v0.13.0”


The Starknet Governance Committee has announced a vote on the migration of their v.0.13.0 protocol from testnet to mainnet. This upgrade, which was deployed on the Goerli and Sepolia testnets in December, is now open for voting by all delegates.

The voting period will last for five days, from January 4th to January 8th, 2023. All community members are encouraged to participate by providing feedback and engaging in discussions. The vote will be decided by a simple majority through a snapshot.

Starknet also invites community members to join their governance hub, where they can vote on proposals and contribute to the development of the protocol. The upgrade is expected to bring improvements such as support for STRK as the gas token and reduced transaction fees on mainnet.

Excitement for Starknet has grown since the project announced a rewards program for ecosystem contributors and allocated 10% of network fees to developers. The project has also confirmed an airdrop for STRK in early 2024.

For more information, please visit the Starknet Governance Hub and participate in the vote to shape the future of this promising blockchain platform. Share this article with others who may be interested and stay updated on the latest news and updates from Starknet.

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