Overview of Local Grants from Honduras and Colombia


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Summary of the grants issued in Honduras and Colombia

The Ethereum Foundation has recently announced the distribution of grants to various organizations and individuals in Honduras and Colombia. These funds are meant to support the development of the Ethereum ecosystem in these countries, and are allocated to projects such as community education, research, and development of tools and infrastructure.

In Honduras, grants were given to the organizations “Organizadores de las reuniones de Ethereum Bogotá, Caribe y Medellín” and “Nethereum”, as well as to individual “Diego Mallet”. These funds are intended to support the continued growth and development of local Ethereum communities, as well as to aid in the onboarding of developers to the .NET Ethereum team.

In Colombia, grants were distributed to the organizations “TRUE” and “Cristian Gil and Juan David Reyes Páez”, as well as individuals “Bram Dufour, Santiago Vallejo Toro, and Edwin Valencia Toro”. These funds are intended to help map the use case for the issuance of Colombian university diplomas on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as to analyze the state of the crypto ecosystem in Colombia from a local perspective.

Thanks to the lead organizer of the Honduras Local Grants, Christian Espinoza Garner, the Ethereum Foundation is looking forward to continuing to support the efforts of local communities in 2021. If you or your organization is working on something related to Ethereum, you can send an email to LocalGrants@ethereum.org to let the EF know about it.

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