SYS Labs and FortKnoxster Join Forces to Launch SuperDapp


  • SYS Labs announced an acquisition of FortKnoxster on Tuesday.
  • FortKnoxster provides cryptosecurity services for Web3.
  • SYS Labs is launching an AI-powered social crypto dApp, SuperDapp.

SYS Labs and FortKnoxster joined forces on Tuesday, with SYS Labs announcing it had acquired the cryptosecurity company. The move is part of an effort to launch an artificial intelligence powered social crypto dApp named SuperDapp.

The merger will expand the Syscoin ecosystem into the cryptosecurity and decentralized social marketplace areas. SuperDapp will provide communication features common in social apps, but with the added security conscious of crypto users.

The merger details

The merger is based in part on “everything apps” popular in many Asian markets, according to SYS Labs President Jagdeep Sidhu. SuperDapp is expected to be released in the second quarter and will “answer the need for many of these capabilities”.

FortKnoxster CEO & Co-Founder, Niels Klitsgaard, commented:

This assimilation marks a new chapter for our potential, because SYS Labs has what it takes to ensure the future development, expansion, and awareness of our mission.

AMA to be held on Friday

The FortKnoxster team is hosting an ask me anything (AMA) event on Friday. Topics to be covered include the possible swapping of FortKnoxster token FKX for the new SuperDapp token.

SYS Labs and FortKnoxster will provide further updates on the partnership, and the security solutions it will bring to the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralized social marketplace communities.

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