Tangem Announces New Feature Offering Easy Token Price Monitoring


The cryptocurrency industry has seen extraordinary growth since its early days in 2009, with over 22,932 active currencies now on the market. While a large portion of users focus on only a few of the top cryptocurrencies, those who seek out trading or investing opportunities have to dig deeper into obscure tokens. To keep up with the ever-changing market, they must do a vast amount of research, which can be a strenuous task.

Tangem Wallet has set out to make digital assets more accessible for its users. Coming in October, the new version of the app will include several features to improve the user experience, such as the ability to track token price changes within the application.

This feature is particularly useful to users since the crypto market operates 24/7, unlike traditional financial markets. Cryptocurrency prices can drastically shift in a matter of minutes, so having live figures is essential for traders to make informed decisions.

By using the token organizer page in the app, users can select and add a cryptocurrency to their list of tracked coins. This list will show the currency, its network, amount owned, and their USD equivalent. Furthermore, they can filter the list by network, crypto value, and more. When clicking on a specific currency, users can access a trading chart, giving them further insight into their investment.

Tangem supports 37 different networks and is continuously adding new tokens to their list. With the help of their active Users’ Wishlist, they are able to go beyond the currently supported cryptocurrencies. Through community interaction on social media sites like Discord and Twitter, the app is able to collect feedback and requests from its users.

The new features will provide users with the information they need to stay up to date with their favorite coins and make informed decisions. Tangem’s rebranding is sure to draw many crypto-enthusiasts to their platform.

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