Cryptocurrency Fills Global Financial Needs Despite US Regulations


The FTX bankruptcy incident caused many to question the security of cryptocurrencies. I had my own experience when I bought a bitcoin sweater in 2017. However, the situation is different in other countries.

For instance, in Lebanon, individuals withdrawing money from banks must give up 85%. According to a CNBC report, an architect mentioned that he receives 90% of his money in bitcoin, which he then exchanges for other currencies. He can also use the “stable coin” Tether to exchange for US dollars.

President of the Bella Vista Computer club, Joel Ewing, said, “One of the great attractions of cryptocurrencies is their independence from governments and traditional financial institutions. But that is also one of its biggest weaknesses. Cryptocurrency exchanges are not subject to government oversight. There are minimal consequences for failure and no insurance to protect investors.” He believes that tighter regulations would result in higher overall costs and less enthusiasm for the coin.

I personally tried to make money in Bitcoin a few years ago, but I ended up in the red by buying high and selling low. I would only consider returning if my financial situation improves.

The Biden Administration has directed government agencies to investigate the development of digital currency. The Brookings Institute states that if the US does not adopt one, it will be unable to maintain the global benefits it currently enjoys. The US dollar is part of 88% of world trade, with more than 65 countries linking their currencies with the dollar. Despite this, 90 countries representing 90% of the world’s gross national product are exploring cryptocurrencies, though not all are large.


It can be very annoying to watch movies with loud sound effects and no dialogue. You can hear every crackle of the heroine’s feet on the gravel, but miss all her words. To fix this problem, you need to set up your TV.

On my Sony, I clicked on the gear icon and then on “Display and sound,” “Sound,” “Sound customization,” and “Voice augmentation.” I then maximized the voice boost slider. CNET also advises to turn off surround sound.

Most modern TVs have a similar setting called “clear voices.” For more information, please visit “Why are smart TVs so dumb when the problem is so easy to fix?”


My less techy friends were able to tell me about the big 3G downtime in time for me to run out and get a new phone.

However, other 3G devices could also be affected. This includes automobiles, home security systems, fire alarms, fall detectors, home security cameras, inventory trackers, smart watches, GPS tracking devices (including for pets), marine security devices, and even maritime security systems. If you own any of these items, contact the manufacturer to inquire about upgrading. For more information, read the ZDnet article “Will my phone work after 3G shutdown?”


It can be difficult to manage the hundreds of emails I receive each day. I recommend using a free extension for Google Chrome. “Check Plus for Gmail” will allow you to preview emails and delete them before they clutter your inbox.

At first, I thought my inbox was empty. Then I realized I had left a Gmail tab open. All I had to do was click the refresh button or continue the page. When I returned, I had a clean and uncluttered inbox. You can find this extension in the Chrome Web Store at


Every year, four million tons of sawdust end up in landfills. However, there is now a 3D printing system that can convert it into wood products.

HagenHinderdael in London uses the Forust 3D printer, which costs $300,000, to make pendant lamps at $2,160 per piece. The printer uses pure unfinished maple or oak sawdust. While this is too expensive for small companies, they can send in their design and have it printed. This can help reduce wood waste.


The next few weeks will be very interesting for Google Chrome users. The new “Memory Saver” feature can speed up web browsing significantly, especially for multitaskers. With this feature, Chrome can place unused tabs on hold to make sure they don’t bog down the system. The tabs will return to life when clicked. Chrome is also getting a new “battery saver” feature.


If you don’t need Windows 10, you can still get it for free. Search for “Download Windows 10” and click the link.


Netflix recently released a new trivia game for TV

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