Tech Giants Warn of Exit From UK Amid Growing Pressure


The article written by a BBC technology editor states that a US tech firm leader expressed the possibility of their firm exiting the UK due to the increasing regulation. This regulation includes the Online Safety Bill, which proposes that encrypted messages sent on WhatsApp, Proton or Signal can be read by the platforms they are sent on if there is a national security or child protection risk. This has caused the messaging app companies to threaten to quit the UK market.

Additionally, the Digital Markets Bill is in progress that suggests the UK’s competition watchdog selects companies like Amazon and Microsoft and enforces rules and punishments if they do not comply. Microsoft reacted angrily when the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) blocked its acquisition of the video game giant Activision Blizzard, claiming that the EU is a more attractive place to start a business.

Furthermore, proposed amendments to the Investigatory Powers Act has made Apple threaten to remove Facetime and iMessage from the UK if they go through. This presents a difficult situation since the services provided by US tech giants are widely used, yet there is no UK-based alternative.

The article concludes by saying that Big Tech has not impressed the public with its past behaviours, and that regulation and accountability are long overdue.

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