technology Netflix Unveils AI-Powered Green Screen Technology


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly popular in various industries and sectors, despite regulators pushing for rules to streamline growth. Companies such as Google, Microsoft, Meta, Nvidia and Netflix are all using AI technology to revolutionise their respective fields.

In the crypto space, one project that could potentially disrupt the trading industry is AltSignals. It is currently in its presale stage and has already sold 50% of the tokens. The project is developing an AI-powered layer that will use machine learning and natural language processing to increase win rates to an average of 80%.

Netflix, on the other hand, is using AI for its new Magenta Green Screen (MGS). Researchers claim that MGS makes VFX more realistic compared to legacy green screens, as an algorithm refined by machine learning provides colours closer to ground truth than models using basic algorithms. This technology gives VFX artists the ability to work with intricate details that were previously extremely challenging.

AltSignals’ AI-related token, ASI, is currently priced at $0.012. It is expected to rise to $0.02274 in the last stage of the presale. Investors are optimistic about ActualizeAI’s capabilities, which could be a huge booster for the ASI price, with some predicting that it could reach $1 by 2024.

Whether this prediction will come true is yet to be seen. Nevertheless, the trading community is enthusiastic about the potential of AltSignals and AI-driven trading signals. Read more on AltSignals here.

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