“Telegram Trading Bot Bitbot Raises $300k in Just 3 Days of Presale Launch”


Bitbot, the new Telegram trading bot, is quickly gaining attention in the cryptocurrency market. Within just 72 hours of its presale launch on January 17th, it raised an impressive $300,000. This is a significant milestone for the rapidly growing segment of trading apps, with a lifetime trading volume of $7 billion.

Telegram trading bots allow users to manage their cryptocurrency trading portfolio within the app, eliminating the need for using separate exchange apps. This convenience is especially beneficial for the 800 million active Telegram users, making it a potentially massive market for Bitbot to tap into.

According to Bitbot’s Technical Product Advisor, Andrew Jacobs, the launch of Bitbot is a crucial moment in the evolution of Web3. The team behind Bitbot aims to provide retail traders with institutional-grade tools in a user-friendly interface that prioritizes security. They have also planned regular AMAs to engage with the Bitbot community.

With a relatively small raise target of $4.3 million, Bitbot is expecting a rapid presale, with prices starting at $0.0100 and ending at $0.0200, offering early investors the potential for 100% gains before the project is listed. Additionally, Bitbot token holders will receive 50% of the company’s profits as a percentage of their holdings once it launches this year.

Bitbot’s main goal is to achieve mass market adoption by offering a seamless trading experience within Telegram. While Telegram trading bots have seen impressive trading volumes, the majority of the market is still dominated by traditional cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitbot is determined to capture this potential market share by addressing the complexity and security issues faced by its competitors.

Unlike other Telegram trading bots, Bitbot offers an intuitive in-app interface that is familiar to exchange users. It also allows for non-custodial trading, where users can integrate their cold wallets and maintain control over their private keys. This is made possible through their partnership with Knightsafe, a secure custody technology developer, making Bitbot the first non-custodial Telegram trading bot.

Bitbot offers a range of advanced trading features, including copy trading and automated sniping, to cater to both beginner and advanced traders.

The Bitbot presale will run through Q1, with plans to list on exchanges in Q2. The project’s whitepaper outlines the allocation of funds, with 30% reserved for the presale, 20% for the development team, and 14% for marketing. The team has a 1-year vesting period for their 20% allocation, ensuring long-term commitment to the project.

Bitbot’s impressive raise is a testament to its growing community, with over 90K followers on Twitter and 5100 members on Telegram within a week of the presale announcement. Currently in Stage 2, with the token priced at $0.011 and only 9,200,000 tokens left before the price increases by 5% for Stage 3, Bitbot hopes to attract more presale investors following the recent Bitcoin ETF acceptance and increased trading activity in the cryptocurrency market.

Invezz, a notable crypto publication, has already listed Bitbot among their top cryptos for 2024, further adding to its growing popularity.

Bitbot is a new Telegram trading bot that prioritizes security and offers advanced trading features to both retail and institutional traders. Audited by Solid Proof, Bitbot’s motto is “your keys, your assets,” and they have partnered with Knightsafe to deliver the world’s first non-custodial Telegram trading bot. To learn more and buy Bitbot (BITBOT), visit their official website.

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