Telegram’s @wallet Bot Receives USDT Support


Telegram’s @wallet Bot has made a major development with the inclusion of Tether’s USDT token. The messaging app’s users can now send and receive the stablecoin via chats.

The addition of USDT to the list of allowed cryptocurrencies on the @wallet Bot expands Telegram’s capabilities when it comes to digital assets. It also provides a number of advantages for users, as the coin is relatively immune to price fluctuations.

Telegram’s crypto journey began several years ago when the company started building the Open Network (TON) blockchain network. The original plan was to introduce the Toncoin (TON) token, but the project was eventually abandoned in 2020 following a dispute with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Despite the setback, the TON Foundation, which is comprised of Telegram community members, kept the project alive. The app also announced last year that it was constructing a blockchain-based auction platform known as Fragment.

The @wallet Bot marketplace was enhanced in 2022 with the addition of Bitcoin (BTC) and Toncoin (TON). This allowed users to send and receive cryptocurrencies within chats.

Now, with the inclusion of USDT, Telegram users have another viable option when it comes to digital assets. This further bolsters the app’s capabilities in the crypto space.

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