“Telos Teams Up with Ponos Technology for Ethereum Layer 2 Integration at TOKEN2049”


In an exciting partnership, the Telos Foundation and Ponos Technology have joined forces to develop an optimized, hardware-accelerated Ethereum Layer 2 network featuring SNARKtor, a Telos-developed decentralized recursive aggregator. This collaboration was announced at TOKEN2049, one of the world’s top crypto events, where Telos is the title sponsor.

TOKEN2049 brings together 10,000 attendees from over 4,000 companies and 100 countries to explore the future of crypto. This presents an ideal platform for Telos and Ponos Technology to showcase their groundbreaking partnership.

The aim of this partnership is to unlock new opportunities for Ethereum users worldwide through a co-designing approach between hardware and software. This approach will lead to massive scaling, better data protection, and seamless interoperability.

Ponos Technology, a leader in zero knowledge proof technology, will provide an FPGA-accelerated solution for ZK proofing. By leveraging FPGA-accelerated hardware and matching it with dedicated execution environments, this solution will maximize business value streams through optimized computations and cost-performance. The team at Ponos Technology comprises highly skilled and experienced industry experts with deep technical expertise on all aspects of ZKPs.

Slobodan Lukovic, Founder, CEO, and President of Ponos Technology, believes that zero knowledge technology is set to become more mainstream and will increase efficiency and security in many industries. He also predicts that, like AI, steady enhancements in algorithms and advancements in underlying hardware infrastructures will lead to the widespread adoption of ZKPs in the near future.

As the development phase progresses, Telos and Ponos Technology will work closely with other partners, including Digital M.O.B., a top Ethereum developer team, ATKA, a Paris-based incubator of web3 projects, and Cometh, an award-winning team of developers. Telos Executive Director John Lilic, a pioneer in technology, will work closely with Alberto Garoffolo, Head of ZK Technology at Telos and co-author of the Whitepaper on SNARKtor, to coordinate and support this transformation.

John Lilic believes that to achieve zkEVM’s performance at scale, it is necessary to co-design the hardware and software, which is exactly what Telos and Ponos Technology are doing through their growing partner network. He also highlights the exciting work of the Telos team on recursive proofs via SNARKtor and believes that it will offer compelling services to the Ethereum community and beyond.

Telos, established in 2018 through a “fair drop” network launch without an ICO token sale, has been instrumental in the development of two primary networks – Telos EVM and Telos Zero. Now, the Telos Foundation will focus on building a highly performant and succinctly provable L2 zkEVM.

More details about the token Telos L2 will be announced during EthCC, where Telos is a primary sponsor. The Telos team will also showcase the first-ever demo of SNARKtor before its official launch, making it an event not to be missed.

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