“Testnet Launched for Router Chain Protocol”


Router Protocol, an infrastructure enterprise enabling communication between blockchains, has launched the testnet of its Layer 1 blockchain, Router Chain. The primary goal of the Router Chain is to increase Web3 adoption by solving existing problems in cross-blockchain communications, such as security, scalability, decentralization, and a lack of true-blue cross-chain dApps.

The Router Chain testnet is available on Ethereum (Goerli), Polygon (Mumbai), Avalanche (Fuji), Base, and BNB Chain blockchains and allows external validators to participate in the network for the first time. The Router Protocol team has already started onboarding external validators, with a goal to onboard over 60 during the testnet phase, in order to secure its network.

Developers have access to numerous benefits with the Router Chain, such as infra-level flexibility and modular security. With the Router Chain, developers are no longer limited to a single type of bridging infrastructure, and they can also develop IDAPPS (apps that are interoperable by default) using Router’s stateful infra (OmniChain framework) or stateless infra (CrossTalk framework), depending on their requirements. Furthermore, dApps can also implement their own security measures on top of the baseline security model provided by the Router Chain.

Ramani Ramachandran, co-founder and CEO of Router Protocol, commented on this news saying: “The testnet launch brings us a step closer to true blockchain interoperability. This is the first time users can interact with Router Chain in a multitude of ways and see the capabilities on full display. The days of siloed user and developer experiences across blockchains are numbered as we move closer to a Web3 experience with significant improvements in UX, infrastructure, security, and scalability.”

In December 2022, Router Protocol also announced that it had partnered with Circle’s Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol to make USD Coin (USDC) interoperable. The partnership is another step towards achieving true blockchain interoperability.

Ravindra Kumar, Founder and CEO of Frontier, added that: “IDAPPs hold the key to unlocking a decentralized future, where there are no barriers between blockchain networks. Cross-chain dApps are enabling us to transcend the limitations of individual blockchains, fostering collaboration, scalability, and true interoperability.”

Router Protocol’s Router Chain testnet launch is a major milestone in the blockchain space, providing developers with the tools to build secure and scalable dApps with cross-chain capacities.

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