Texas Grants Constitutional Right to Use Digital Currency


Texas legislators have voted to amend the state’s Bill of Rights to add digital currency to allow individuals to possess, retain and utilize digital currencies like Bitcoin (BTC). The lawmakers voted in favour of the amendment by a large margin, possibly hinting at the general feeling among the lawmakers about digital currencies. 139 lawmakers voted in favour with only two voting against.

The amendment was contained in a bill titled Bill HJR 146, which was introduced by State Representative Giovani Capriglione. According to the bill, individuals have the right to use a mutually agreed upon medium of exchange that includes digital currencies, coins, cash, scrip, or bullion, for contracting goods and services and trading. The bill contains a statement that reads: “No government shall prohibit or hinder the ownership or holding of any form or quantity of money or other currency.”

The Texas Bill of Rights protects essential rights like freedom of speech, religion and press similar to the US Bill of Rights. However, the Texas Bill of Rights also includes specific clauses pertaining to Texas, such as the right to a prompt trial and the right to possess and carry weapons for self-defence.

Commenting on the development, the Texas Constitutional Enforcement group said that the inclusion of digital currencies in the Texas Bill of Rights is crucial in safeguarding Texans’ financial privacy.

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