The TemDAO Global Heritage Project Aims to Support the Cultural Sector with Democracy-Driven Donations


Tokyo, Japan, April 11th, 2023, Chainwire

TemDAO is a global heritage initiative that works to maintain and increase cultural assets through democratic contributions. Backed by the $TEM token, this project seeks to ensure the sustainability of global cultural sites in the long-term.

Recently, TemDAO has made meaningful donations to cultural projects in Ukraine, Turkey, and other locations around the world. These areas are being encouraged to take steps to preserve their heritage and global presence.

The team behind the project is adamant about recognizing the importance of preserving the world’s shared cultural history. The TemDAO strategy and solutions are designed to have a positive effect on global culture.

The Team’s Methodology for World Heritage Preservation and Cultural Asset Protection

TemDAO’s original approach to protecting and preserving world heritage is proving to be successful. This project is designed to empower individuals and organizations to support projects that maintain these valuable resources.

As an example, TemDAO and the team are currently focused on Ninna-ji Temple, one of the many temples located in Kyoto, Japan. These temples are aging and require renovation or repair. With the help of donations, the TemDAO team is hoping to rebuild the temple.

The project is based on transparent transactions, with all receipts and expenditures recorded on-chain. This eliminates corruption and allows for the granting of special benefits to those who collaborate with their goals.

One of the proposed perks is the right to remain in a specific part of the temple. This room has a special historic significance as it was once home to an ancient emperor. Wouldn’t it be amazing to stay in the same room and feel the same things?

TemDAO is exploring the possibility of connecting the world of Buddhism at Ninna-ji Temple to the ambitions of the DAO, which is to achieve sustainable restoration and protection of the temple.

A System Powered by Democracy and the $TEM Token

TemDAO is a platform that uses blockchain technology to aid in the maintenance and protection of world heritage sites. It offers two types of democratic governance: off-chain and on-chain (or ‘soft’ governance, and on-chain votes).

The system is powered by the $TEM token, which can be used for multiple purposes. This includes the ability to lock $TEM tokens and manage fundraising proposals, to pay commission fees for trading IP-NFTs, to stake $TEM tokens for project reviews and fundraising, and to deposit $TEM tokens to become nodes and review projects.

The $TEM token distribution is designed to incentivize all parties in a democratic way. The majority of the tokens (62%) will be allocated to the ecosystem, which includes participants in world heritage or cultural asset protection and funds for equipment repair. Additionally, 14% of the tokens will go to the team for marketing and 14% for platform and supporting service development. The remaining 10% will be retained by TemDAO stakeholders (e.g. the team, investors, and potential employees).

TemDAO’s decentralized governance system preserves world history by balancing token utility and fund distribution.

Recent Donations for World Heritage Preservation

The TemDAO team has recently made a number of donations to help people and communities affected by global events with $TEM profits. They have contributed to relief efforts for victims of an earthquake in Turkey in February 2023, and have also supported a variety of NPOs and NGOs, such as “Save the Children” and “Binance Charity”. These donations can be used to assist those in need.

The project is dedicated to making sure that the world’s heritage is preserved and protected. Donations are a direct way to contribute to this goal. The TemDAO team will ensure that the donations are used effectively.

About TemDAO

TemDAO is an accelerator for DAOs that accelerate world heritage protection and international development. This project provides a wide range of resources and support to fund, govern, and develop cultural properties around the world.

TemDAO is powered by the $TEM token to provide a democratic, decentralized governance system. This approach preserves and sust

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