The Wonders of Meme Coins and their Influence on the Crypto Realm: Exploring the Popularity of DogeCoin and Big Eyes Coin


The incredible rise of meme-based tokens has been a major source of debate in the cryptocurrency industry and has divided opinions. Some may question the practicality and utility of a digital asset based on an ‘internet joke’. But in a world of decentralised finance that is free from the control of a centralised governing body, tokens that focus on cultivating a dedicated and supportive community may be the ones that eventually come out on top.

DogeCoin (DOGE) set the precedent for these types of coins with its satirical origins and has been a source of inspiration for Big Eyes Coin (BIG). Both of these meme tokens have exhibited tremendous success and have shown the power of a unified community that is based on shared values. Read on to find out more.

DogeCoin (DOGE): Doing Well Everyday

DogeCoin (DOGE) has altered the way the crypto industry interacts with its supporters. It was introduced in 2013, as a way to ridicule the overconfidence of digital asset maximalists. Surprisingly, the token gained a massive following and became a popular name in both the online and offline world. Now, it is the 10th largest digital currency in circulation and the 2nd biggest PoW coin after Bitcoin. These accomplishments were made possible due to a strong and dedicated community, who value meme-sharing, inclusivity, and the creation of wealth. The token is currently valued at $0.073485 and has seen a decrease of 0.82% in the past 24 hours.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG): All Eyes on this Adorable Altcoin

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a cat-inspired cryptocurrency which showcases the distinctive utility of meme-based tokens. It has its own decentralised exchange, called Big Eyes Swap, where $BIG tokens can be exchanged for Ethereum-based digital assets. It also has an appealing selection of NFTs, which can be bought, sold, and traded on the Big Eyes NFT Marketplace. The token has already attracted a passionate following, with some members even getting the lovable feline mascot tattooed on their body. To celebrate this, the project gave away $1000 worth of BIG tokens to the first ten people to get themselves inked. Since its launch, the project has exceeded its objectives, raising $31 million in presales, making it one of the most successful presales in recent times. The Big Eyes Coin community is very close-knit, with 80% of the tokens being made available to them. 5% of all BIG transactions will also be donated to marine conservation organisations to help combat overfishing and water pollution. The strong ethical values of this project has encouraged many to join, not only for its profitable investment opportunities, but also to be part of something larger.

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