These Smart Wallet Features Can Boost Your Earnings


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With the cryptocurrency market being so volatile lately, interest-bearing accounts have become a popular way to invest. They allow you to keep your funds safe while also earning an instant return. Plus, the same interest rate applies regardless of market conditions.

When looking for a wallet provider, it’s important to consider the features offered. This will help you to determine how it can boost your earnings, offering a more flexible solution that meets your financial needs.

ArbiSmart offers one such wallet, with unique income-generating features that you won’t find elsewhere. Fully EU-approved and registered, it supports almost 30 different FIAT and crypto currencies, leading to more innovative investments.


Established in 2019, ArbiSmart is a financial ecosystem and wallet. With it, you can keep your funds interest-free or lock them in savings plans for a set period, ranging from months to 5 years. Depending on your account level, you can get a return of more than 100% per year.

You can keep balances in any of the supported FIAT and crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Euros, or British Pounds. Balances in RBIS (the native currency) can earn the highest interest rate.

If you want to convert locked funds into RBIS, you can do this at any time.

Competitive Exchange Fees

When you buy or exchange currencies, you will need to pay transaction fees. However, ArbiSmart also offers additional shopping features in order to increase your profits.

One of them is a forex purchase discount program, providing discounts of up to 50% when buying FIAT or crypto through the dashboard. These discounts start from 10%, and you can see the conditions for each discount option on the dashboard.

For example, you could receive a 20% discount on a $16,000 purchase, meaning you’d pay just $12,800 for that amount of Ethereum. When the period ends, you will have $16,000 worth of ETH.

The discount program can give you up to half-off on your coin purchases. If the price of the currency suddenly drops, you can make a profit by exchanging it for another currency. However, this will not affect the value of your capital.

Generous Loyalty Rewards

Most wallets offer regular bonuses and promotions to their loyal customers. ArbiSmart takes it further by offering an extension option for savings plans. This will give you a reward equivalent to 10% of the original interest rate.

For example, if your 3-year savings plan earned 45% interest and you extend it within 90 days, you will get 49.5% on the 3-year plan.

Beneficial Referral Program

Referral programs can be beneficial for both wallets and their users. The wallet gains users, while the person making the referral receives extra money, usually a one-time payment based on the size of the friend’s deposit.

ArbiSmart is changing the game. Refer a friend and you can get ongoing commissions of up to 10% of their daily interest.

Once your friend locks the principal in a savings plan, they will receive interest every day. You will then get paid for that interest. The savings plan contract can last up to five years.

All referrals are free and direct, with no multi-tier commissions. This money comes directly from ArbiSmart and not from your friend’s earnings, and it is paid in RBIS. As you accumulate RBIS, your account level and interest rate can increase.

These unique opportunities enable ArbiSmart wallet owners to increase their earning potential. It is wise to carefully analyse any wallet before investing.

ArbiSmart currently offers a bonus of 12-35% for anyone who signs up and locks at least 5,000 EUR (or more) in any supported currency in a savings account for 24 months or less. This bonus is paid in the same currency that you saved and is linked to your deposit, adding to the amount of savings principal and interest rate.

Open Savings plan To claim your sign-up bonus, contact the team via chat referencing this article.

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