This Crypto Could Be the Turning Point for the Metaverse – Here’s How


The metaverse is a concept that has been brought up in recent years. Several large organizations like Facebook (now Meta) and Microsoft have begun investing heavily in embracing this new virtual world.

However, it appears this idea is disregarding the potential of this new digital realm, and that is the concept of a digital twin.

What Is Digital Twin?

The basic idea within the crypto space is to make a more sane and attractive virtual reality – a world ruled by leading-edge technology with everybody collaborating in real time.

The view has been that the metaverse would be the new destination for human communication and socializing. Essentially, the metaverse is thought to be an escape pod for the current social issues and political problems the planet is facing.

But it is much more than that, as recent developments have shown. The metaverse can be a tool to improve our physical reality, instead of people running to it as a refuge.

To achieve this, a new philosophy is slowly emerging, known as ‘digital twin‘. This was first brought to the public’s attention by NASA, and it is a dynamic virtual replication of a real-world entity.

It is a personalized, customized, and evolving embodiment of a physical system which responds to events that affect its real-life counterpart. Digital twin technology is expected to be the true embodiment of the metaverse because it will be able to adjust to matters that impact its physical equivalent quickly, and creators and developers will be able to obtain detailed insights into what happens to their real-world counterparts.

As opposed to focusing on amusement and gaming, pros think the digital twin concept would further increase the market potential of the metaverse due to its ability to help fix several development bottlenecks.

A Digital Twin Is Already Here?

The blockchain industry has become a catalyst for many key technological concepts. Apart from smashing through the corporate finance wall and enabling a community-focused value exchange, blockchain is quickly changing almost all outdated systems.

One such is the fitness and health sector which is already primed for disruption. So far, users are giving without getting in return since the entire value chain is rigged to centralized entities to create diets, sell courses, and sign up users for individualized coaching – Nothing else.

Nevertheless, by using blockchain technology, a new crypto project called Fight Out is revolutionizing the fitness industry.

Fight Out is a move-to-earn (M2E) and play-to-earn (P2E) idea that utilizes the metaverse to assist people in meeting their physical fitness goals while earning money on the side.

The Fight Out metaverse will be a series of virtual gyms that will enable customers to compete in competitions, workouts, and even engage in virtual battles with professional athletes in real-time.

What will support this system will be a ‘soulbound NFT avatar’, which will act as a digital twin. An NFT stands for non-fungible tokens and are rare and unique personal attributes found on very limited items.

The soulbound NFT will be a digital twin in that all physical alterations to their real-world owners will be mirrored on them. As a result, when a user works out, their NFT avatar will also change. 

In return for this physical exertion, customers can get in-game currency called REPS, which will enable them to customize their avatar’s clothes and improve their virtual stats.

Alongside this earning potential, they also get to earn $FGHT, which is currently in presale. So far, $FGHT has raised more than $5.39 million, indicating the excitement and anticipation surrounding the project.

Digital twin ideology may still be far off, but it appears blockchain technology will become the catalyst for the realization of this concept.

In the end, rather than humans running to the metaverse to get away from their existence, this could eventually become a way to enhance our physical environment and lifestyle.

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