tokens Philippines Exchange Adds Support for BRC-20 Tokens


Philippines-based crypto exchange have just announced support for BRC-20 tokens. This makes them the first platform in the country to do so.

BRC-20, or the token standard, allows the production of non-fungible coins on the Bitcoin blockchain. This means that cryptocurrencies can be listed on exchanges according to the new standard.

The exchange is now supporting ORDI, one of the most popular BRC-20 tokens. It first reached over $81 in value in November, after Binance offered early trading support.

Wei Zhou, CEO of, stated that this move is a sign of their commitment to digital asset innovation. He added that BRC-20 has seen significant growth since it launched earlier this year, and that now offers its users the chance to take part in these opportunities.

This is a great step forward for the Philippines crypto scene, and hopefully this will open the door for more exchanges to offer similar services.

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