“TradeGDT Soars to 10% of Bybit Derivatives Trading Volume in 4 Hours”


Singapore, Singapore, May 23rd 2023, Chainwire – Generative AI has become increasingly prevalent in the creation of new content, such as images, videos, and text. With the help of deep learning algorithms such as GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), researchers are developing AI models that can generate realistic and original content. ChatGPT (Generative Pre-train Transformer) has elevated the AI trend and broadened the vision of people toward AI, to the point that conversations with ChatGPT are as human-like as possible.

Trading is one of the most important components of the financial market and the broader economy. It sets the market price of assets, securities, and cryptocurrencies, and provides a mechanism for investors to buy and sell assets quickly and easily. The demand for AI in trading has never been higher, especially in the crypto space, where the speed of transactions is too fast for human productivity alone. This is where AI can come in, providing a better version of the trader without the emotional baggage.

TradeGDT (Trading Generative Data Transformer) is an upgraded version of a big data quantitative trading bot combined with AI. It has a ChatGPT plug-in that allows it to communicate with users more intelligently and flexibly. Through AI pattern learning, TradeGDT can analyze and study user data, dynamic trade models, and identify the trader’s profit model. It then formulates a set of trading models for automation execution, becoming the trader’s AI smart trading assistant.

The TraderDAO team has been working on implementing AI in crypto trading since the start of 2022. They have developed TradeGDT to meet the demands of the crypto trading market. The team has grown significantly and has launched the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) in partnership with Bybit. This launch was very successful, bringing in more than 10% ($330mil) of Bybit’s 24 hour trading volume within just 4 hours.

This success was partly due to $POT, a trading fee sharing token in TraderDAO which acts as the AI data training incentive. Minting each $POT requires a corresponding fee from trading fee rebate, and the $POT treasury will grow bigger in value as the market continues to add new trades. These trades provide data for AI pattern learning, powering the development of TradeGDT. $HOT is the governance token of TraderDAO and is necessary to use or operate all the features of TradeGDT AI.

TradeGDT is revolutionizing trading by improved decision making, increased efficiency, reduced risk, improved portfolio management, faster and more accurate trade execution. As AI continues to make waves around all spaces, ChatGPT is leading the charge and TraderDAO’s AI TradeGDT could be the beginning of the AIFI (AI Finance) trend.

At TradeGDT, our team of skilled engineers from renowned institutions like Cambridge and TsingHua and our diverse management team from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the UK are working together to create an advanced incubation platform designed to help traders develop their AI Trading Brain. Our ecosystem is centered around TraderDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that continuously provides invaluable trading data to TradeGDT. With the input from a community of over 10,000 active traders, our platform generates a more powerful AI Trading Brain, enabling traders to achieve superior results.

For more information, please contact Maverick from TraderDAO at [email protected] or @mave121.

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