Trader Predicts Bitcoin Price to Soar to $400 as Market Bullrun Continues


Cryptocurrency winter season saw digital currency projects slowing down due to increased selling pressure from bears. However, market trends have always shown that crypto bounces back, leading to bullish trends and all-time highs. This has attracted many venture capitalists and individual investors, and those who invested in the project during initial phases have a chance to gain massive profits during the impending bull run.

Bitcoin Spark is the newest addition to the distributed ledger and can potentially generate exponential income for investors. A trader who had previously called for a bull run is expecting $400 BTCS profit in the near future.

Coinbase, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange, has announced integrating the Lightning Network, a layer two scaling solution, to the Bitcoin network. This is an attempt to improve the scalability of the Bitcoin network, which currently has a high transaction cost and performs only seven transactions per second. Additionally, centralization of mining and lack of smart contract integration is a problem yet to be tackled.

The crypto market has experienced a downfall in 2022, leading to the bankruptcy of firms like FTX. Crypto enthusiasts believe that this is the longest bear market in history, while analysts in the decentralized space think the bull run could happen in the first quarter of 2024.

Bitcoin Spark is a groundbreaking crypto project that has already been audited by Cognitos and Contract Wolf, two of the most reputable audit networks in the decentralized world. This will improve the trust and transparency between the platform and its users. It also has an ongoing referral program where users can receive 10% commission and bonus for any purchase above $60. Furthermore, there are no limitations on the income generated from the referral opportunity.

Bitcoin Spark has created a community on Twitter, StockTwits, and Telegram, where people can share ideas that will support the platform’s development. It also has a comprehensive roadmap that provides details about its progress from the commencement period to the launch period. Moreover, Bitcoin Spark’s proof-of-process consensus mechanism allows everyone to earn rewards nonlinearly. This encourages both small and large participants to gain a portion of the rewards distributed. To top it off, the platform’s application allows for mining activities, as anyone with an electrical device and internet speed of 50MBPS or more can take part in the development process.

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