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Trezor, the crypto {hardware} wallet maker, has announced that it’ll take control of its wallet chip production process by creating its own silicon chips. The Company states that the new designs are the result of their effort in “chip wrapper” This will increase system security and dramatically reduce lead times for mass production.

Trezor “Unpacks the Process” and Creates Its Own Silicon Chip

On February 27, 2023, Prague-based cryptocurrency {hardware} wallet company Trezor Announced that it will now be responsible for its own silicon chip production process. According to Trezor CFO Štěpán UherikThe new “chip wrapper” This gives the business more design freedom to create future items. Last year, Trezor’s Parent company Satoshi Labs, supported a startup called Tropic Square to offer an Open Source Silicon Chip known as “TROPICAL01” for use in crypto {hardware} wallets.

“TROPIC01” By Tropic Square.

The New approach in chip production considerably increases security by removing the involvement of third-party chip manufacturers and any potential vulnerabilities. Trezor It is also known that it will significantly reduce supply times by avoiding supply chain issues. In A statement sent to News, Uherik Further details on the firm’s partnership with StmicroelectronicsManufacturer of microcontrollers, and semiconductor engineering.

“Unpacking the process, identifying areas where we can take control and collaborating with our partner [Stmicroelectronics] In new ways,” Uherik Said in a statement “we’ve made production as agile as possible. This means that we can respond quickly as the cryptocurrency market shows signs of recovery. It also gives more design freedom for future products, helping us maintain our leadership in the increasingly competitive {hardware} wallet space,” Added Trezor’s CFO.

{Hardware} wallets have seen substantial demand since the FTX crash, as cryptocurrency enthusiasts have transferred billions of {dollars} worth of crypto assets from centralized trading platforms. Additionally, several companies have launched new models of {hardware} wallets, such as the Ledger StaxA device created by Tony FadellThe inventor of the iPod, Moreover, decentralized exchange aggregation service 1inch Network has launched a {hardware} wallet and Coinkite A new product, called Coldcard Q1.

The New chips produced by Trezor In the Trezor Model T {hardware} wallet. Trezor It was first announced in Tropic Square project and its intent take over chip production May 11, 2020. The CovidIt caused supply chain disruptions, particularly in the silicon chip sector. “The demand for {hardware} wallets and the supply chain disruptions in the silicon industry that we’ve experienced in recent times have been issues that we wanted to address,” Uherik Noted in Monday’s announcement.

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