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Tucker CarlsonA host of other factors are also included. Fox News And the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Show, looked into the de-dollarization moves that countries such as China And Russia have recently made. Carlson He pointed to the Russian sanctions and the weaponization of the U.S. Dollar as the primary causes.

Tucker Carlson Explains Sanctions & US Dollar Weaponization Led to De-Dollarization

Tucker CarlsonA host of other factors are also included. Fox News And the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Show, discussed the global situation around countries disconnecting themselves from the U.S. Dollar. According To CarlsonThe economic situation in Russia that has been partially caused by sanctions imposed by the United States are in part responsible for the de-dollarization movements.

Carlson He explained that this is not solely due to the sanctions, but to a myriad of other factors. He stated:

Unlike The U.S. Russia It does not have a late stage financial economy. Russian Credit default swaps are not a way for oligarchs to get rich. They You can make a lot of money by selling the things people actually need to live: oil and gas, iron fertilizer, coke, coal, wheat.

HoweverCarlson argued that the effects of the sanctions were to make other countries mistrust the U.S. Dollar. He argued:

Smart The U.S. dollar was being resold by foreigners. Why? Because The U.S. Dollar was no longer a reliable value store. Suddenly It was a political weapon that could easily be used against anyone who owned it.

Carlson Considers that the distrust of the U.S. Dollar has been increasing due to the changes that have occurred. China, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Saudi ArabiaAnd even more France they are able to trade with the yuan or their national currencies as a replacement for the U.S. dollars.

The This is the final phase. Carlson According to him, the result of the return all of these dollars will be the economic collapse of the United States. Weimar Republic After the First World War.

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