Tulipart Unveils Epic Collection of NFTs, Minted Daily Over 7 Years


Tulipart.com is an innovative platform for cryptocurrency and NFTs, based in Zug, Switzerland. As the epicenter of a one-of-a-kind collection, the platform is set to mint 10,000 unique tulip NFTs over a period of seven years.

Each Tulip NFT consists of six components, from common to exclusive, creating a range of rarity. These NFTs cannot be purchased directly, they are solely distributed to $LAND token holders via a lottery system. To enter the lottery, participants must hold and stake $LAND tokens. The higher amount of $LAND tokens staked, the greater the chance of acquiring a Tulip NFT each day.

Any Ethereum address holder can claim their free $LAND tokens at Tulipart.com. Alternatively, $LAND tokens can be purchased on Uniswap to enhance the chances of winning a Tulip NFT.

A promotional video of Tulipart.com NFTs is also available on YouTube.

For more information, contact Giorgio Minguzzi, Tulip Art AG, at [email protected], +393472620489.

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