“Twitter Abuzz as Memecoin Snapshot Announcement Causes DED Trend Surge”


Lisbon, Portugal – March 28th, 2024 – Chainwire

The Polkadot-backed community coin, #DED, has recently gained traction and made it onto the trending charts on X. This demonstrates the community’s engagement and interest in the memecoin.

The project has sparked excitement among the Polkadot community, with over 20,000 people eagerly anticipating the upcoming $DED airdrop on their Telegram channel.

The token’s snapshot was released early last week, and the team hopes that $DED will usher in a new era for the Polkadot ecosystem, bringing in new liquidity.

With partnerships and support from top projects in the network such as Talisman Wallet, Nova Wallet SubWallet, and Zealy, $DED has shown its strength and commitment to the Polkadot community.

DED has also launched its biggest ever DED campaign, with a prize pool totaling over $30,000. This has attracted attention from crypto personalities and celebrities, including DataDash, Ash Crypto, DubzyXBT, and Crypto Banter.

The Mission Behind DED: A Recap

The community has come together to create the first memecoin based on DOT, which is currently priced at $2. They believed that by working together, they could create excitement and attract a wider community to Polkadot. It was a challenging task, but they were inspired by the success of $BONK as a catalyst for Solana (SOL), and were able to find the answer right in front of them.

With over 1,000,000 DOT holders, around 100,000 have stuck with the DED launch. To stay updated and participate in community activities, join the $DED Telegram Channel and follow on Twitter.


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