Twitter Shows Off Crypto Prices, What This Means For New Cryptos Such As Metacade.


Elon Musk’s new role as Twitter CEO has seen his love for cryptocurrency shine through, with an endorsement of meme coin Dogecoin even causing a brief surge in its value. Now, some big-name cryptocurrency price charts have been published on Twitter, for Bitcoin and Ethereum, no doubt in part to help get cryptocurrencies to a wider audience using a tech-driven medium.

What this means for Dogecoin’s ongoing value since Musk’s takeover of Twitter is to be determined. However, it could be great news for new cryptos like Metacade, which has seen strong pre-sale momentum from buyers exposed to the new tech.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a brand new concept in the swiftly growing GameFi sector. The platform hosts the first-ever digital arcade in the metaverse. Its main aim is to build the biggest collection of play-to-earn (P2E) video game titles in the metaverse, and to create a community of likeminded game enthusiasts where they can socialize and share knowledge.

In addition to the extensive P2E capabilities Metacade provides to customers, members can benefit from income initiatives. The Create2Earn program rewards members for making social contributions to the larger community. These rewards can be used to write game reviews, share alpha tests, pass on game tips to other members, or contribute to live chats.

Members can also use the Compete2Earn program to purchase the native MCADE token and take part in regular online tournaments, giveaways, and other lucrative rewards. These bets are a revenue generator that the platform uses, part of which is reinvested into the initiatives while the rest is used to fund participant rewards.

How Does Metacade Work?

This is just one example of many income streams from within the platform, with a variety of contributions from outside sources that make it self-sustaining. Metacade boasts a variety of avenues for members to make passive income, such as advertising space on the platform and charging third-party companies to launch their games on Metacade, and charging Web3 companies to post job openings on their job boards starting in Q1 2024.

These MCADE tokens are generated from streams of revenue, which support the entire Metacade ecosystem. We are at the forefront of the GameFi revolution.

Metacade: Driving GameFi Innovation

One of Metacade’s crown jewels is the revolutionary Create2Earn Metagrants scheme set to launch in Q3 2023. Game developers can apply for funding to create platform-exclusive titles. Submit your ideas to a panel which then goes to the community for voting.

Crypto funding is available to help realize some of the most exciting ideas. The beauty of Metagrants is that it fosters creativity and innovation while allowing members of the community to manage the platform in the long-term and assist with the selection of game titles.

GameFi also offers other perks to its customers, such as the Metagrants program that provides the best new technology and income encouragement. This can be used to access other job opportunities on the platform and to boost their career through Work2Earn.

Is Metacade the Best Way to Raise Funds?

Large cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin will continue to be affected by the bear market of 2022 as we enter 2023. Despite the increased visibility that listing price charts on Twitter offers Bitcoin, market movements can still cause fluctuations. History shows that reality isn’t always what it seems and Elon Musk’s endorsement doesn’t necessarily translate into significant value gains, as Dogecoin demonstrates.

Metacade offers a great opportunity to reverse this trend with its multi-layered and airtight roadmap that offers an amazing long-term future. The platform further sought to reassure early investors by submitting the code and team for CertiK audit, verifying the platform’s underlying codes and the identity and background of its team members.

The most compelling reason to invest in Metacade lies in its coin presale. The initial stages were completed in mere weeks and raised $4.5 million. This momentum is only set to grow in the following rounds and currently available at $0.013, the price is certain to rise through presale, to a final value of $0.023, at which point MCADE hits exchanges.

At this point, it is likely the demand for MCADE in the future will increase, driving the price to the highest level and beyond the $1 barrier by 2023. With more viewers being exposed to cryptocurrencies on Twitter, buyers have an even greater profit potential. Listing price charts on Twitter will certainly help the P2E gaming venture.

You can join the MCADE presale here.

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