U.S. House Agriculture Committee Passes Cryptocurrency Bill


After a day of debating amendments to the bill, which would create a federal regulatory framework for crypto in the U.S., the House Agriculture Committee has referred the bill to the full House of Representatives by a voice vote. During the markup session, lawmakers discussed customer disclosures, asset management protections and other relevant topics.

In his opening remarks, committee Chair Glenn Thompson (R-Pa.) noted that Congress has been working on crypto legislation for years, highlighting the need for a regulatory framework, which would provide “rules of the road” for those engaging with new technologies. He also mentioned that the House Financial Services Committee had voted to advance the bill, alongside other crypto-focused pieces of legislation, the previous night.

The House Agriculture Committee markup session was much calmer than the one in the Financial Services Committee, as Democrats and Republicans managed to reach a consensus on a variety of amendments. Moreover, it ended much earlier than the Financial Services Committee’s hearing.

“Did we do better than Financial Services?” Thompson joked after the end of the session.

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