UK Trusts ShareRing as Digital Identity Services Provider


ShareRing, an Australian blockchain technology company in the digital identity industry, is proud to announce its accreditation under the United Kingdom’s “Digital Identities and Attributes Trust Framework” (DIATF). This achievement marks a significant advancement in ShareRing’s technology, and reinforces their commitment to reusable digital identity authentication in a secure, private environment.

With the accreditation, ShareRing can now provide digital ID authentication for land registry purposes in the UK, as well as verification services for a variety of industries, such as financial KYC and customer due diligence (CDD), age and ID verification, venue and guest management, and corporate identity management.

ShareRing’s digital identity solution is built upon blockchain technology and is designed to be tamper-proof. It provides an end-to-end solution for businesses to prove their customers’ identities, while customers create and control their reusable digital ID through the Identifi Me app, giving them complete sovereignty over their personal information.

The DIATF is overseen by UK government authorities and sets out robust standards, principles, and requirements to ensure the integrity, privacy, and reliability of user data, while minimizing risk of identity fraud and cyber threats.

“Digital identities are pivotal to removing friction from our everyday lives, and drastically improve operational efficiency across all businesses,” said Tim Bos, Founder of ShareRing. “The UK is a leader in digital ID regulation, and with the accreditation, ShareRing can confidently partner with public and private sectors in Australia and the UK.”

ShareRing has already partnered with multiple private sector businesses in Australia and overseas, replacing conventional KYC and customer authentication processes with reusable digital identities. They will continue to work with investment funds, nightlife and F&B venues, and hotels in both Australia and the UK to help safeguard businesses from identity fraud and improve operational processes.

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About ShareRing (AUS)
ShareRing, founded in 2019, is a blockchain technology company in the digital identity industry. Their mission is to remove friction from conventional business operations and individual user digital experiences, through the use of verified digital IDs. By creating self-sovereign environments, their solution significantly reduces business risks associated with cyber threats and protects individuals against the misuse of their personal information. ShareRing is accredited under the UK’s digital identity trust framework to provide digital ID services.

For more information please visit ShareRing’s website or contact their VP of Marketing, Jonathon Liu at [email protected]

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