Ukrainian Hacker Steals Bitcoin From Russian Darknet Market And Donates It To Charitable Causes


A Ukrainian living in the United States, a hacker allegedly breached a major Russian Dark web drug market, pilfering crypto income The A man claims he transferred digital funds from the illicit website to an organisation that provides humanitarian aid for his war-torn homeland.

Wisconsin Resident Of Ukrainian Descent Hacks Russian Dark Web Solaris Market

Ukrainian-born cyberintelligence specialist Alex HoldenWho left? Kyiv As a youngster in the 1980s, and now as an adult in Mequon, WisconsinHe states he has been infiltrating SolarisOne of them is Russia’s biggest online drug marketplaces, Forbes states. Reports

With His team’s help Hold SecurityHe was able to obtain some bitcoins that were sent to dealers and dark web owners. The Later, cryptocurrency was sent to Enjoying Lifea charity for charitable work based in The Ukrainian capital, which is worth more than $25,000.

Without He reveals how he did it. Holden He clarified that he had taken control of a large portion of the Internet Infrastructure behind SolarisSome administrator accounts were also involved in obtaining the source code of the website and a database of users and delivery locations. the delivery of medicines.

For One time, there was the Ukrainian He and his coworkers also gained access the market’s. “master wallet.” It was used by dealers and buyers to withdraw and deposit funds. It also acted as the crypto exchange platform, the article details.

Given Due to the fast turnover, the wallet never held more than 3 BTC at once. Holden I was able to get 1.6 BTC from the bank and transfer it to Enjoying Life. Hold Security The charity provides assistance for people affected by war. Another $8,000 was donated. Ukraine.

Solaris Linked “Patriotic’ Russian Hacking Group Killnet

Dark Internet marketplace Solaris Is supposed to have ties with hacker group KillnetThe after Moscow In late 2006, it launched its invasion February One of the Russian “patriotic” Hacker groups promised to attack the Ukrainians They and their supporters.

Killnet He also attacked the US with a number of attacks, including those on websites of state governments and airports. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. He According to some, it made it to Eurovision Song contest, the Estonian Government and the Italian National Institute This is Health.

The attack on the group was also attributed to them Rutor, Solaris’s Major rival, which became Russia’s top underground drug market after Hydra It was closed last spring. According US cybersecurity firm Zerofox, Solaris Paying Killnet DDoS Services

In In addition to the battlefield Russia Ukraine They also clashed online, with the Kyiv The government is looking for cyber experts to join its own force. The A special unit was assigned to identify and stop these crimes. Russian Hacking is also possible.

Successes As the of Russia’s The biggest bank Sber, and Moscow Stock Exchange Have been ascribed Ukraine’s IT army. Social Media accounts that are associated with the Anonymous Hacktivists claimed collective responsibility for many other attacks.

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