USDT Growing Dominance: Tether’s Cryptocurrency Market Share Reaches 15-Month High


The Dominance of Tether’s USDT is growing among stablecoins in the face of a continuing shakeup in the $136 billion stablecoin marketplace. USDT’s market share among stablecoins has surpassed 54% MondayData from CoinGecko. This The largest market share Tether’s Since late 2018, stablecoin has been in circulation November 2021 after the crypto bull markets reached their apex.

Tether’s Gain was mainly at the expense rivals Binance USD has seen a rapid decline in value since its issuer. PaxosAnnounced on Feb. 13 That it would stop minting new BUSD tokens under pressure from the New York Department Of Financial Services, the top regulator of the state. Since BUSD, which was $16 billion in market capitalization, has now fallen below $9Billion.

USDT’s market cap has risen to $71.6billion, or $5.3billion this year. The gains were $3 billion after mid-April.February. Circle’s USD coin (USDC), a rival stablecoin has also seen $3 billion in gains since the beginning of the year. Paxos Announcement; however, the $44 billion market cap at the beginning of 2021 is still lower than it was at the start.

Stablecoins They have become the backbone for the crypto economy, rising to $188 billion at the peak in market capitalization in recent years May 2022. They Their price is fixed to an external asset like the U.S. dollars. They act as a facilitator in trading on exchanges as well as making transactions between central banks-issued fiat money (and the digital asset world)

Tether’s Its position as the issuer of the dominant stablecoin in the world defies its historical opaque reporting about its reserves backing USDT, and severe scrutiny of its internal transactions. Last The week Wall Street Journal According to reports, Tether Used bank accounts that were accessed using falsified documents in 2018 In September?, New York judge ordered Tether In a lawsuit alleging fraud, financial records on USDT’s Reserve Assets are required. Tether To prop up the price of USDT, conspired to issue USDT Bitcoin (BTC), CoinDesk reported.

USDT is the most-traded cryptocurrency with approximately $27 billion worth of trading volume in 24 hours. Bitcoin.

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