“Validation Cloud secures $5.8M funding for Web3 enterprise adoption”


Validation Cloud, a Switzerland-based Web3 data streaming and infrastructure firm, has recently secured $5.8 million in a funding round led by Cadenza Ventures. This funding will be used to accelerate the adoption of its infrastructure by enterprises for Web3 purposes.

The oversubscribed round saw the participation of prominent global venture firms, including Blockchain Founders Fund, Blockwall, Bloccelerate, Side Door Ventures, GS Futures, Metamatic, and AP Capital. This is Validation Cloud’s first external financing round, and the funds raised will go towards promoting global enterprise adoption of Web3.

The Zug-based company is a leading provider of high-performance, scalable products in staking, node, and data for clients worldwide. Its team consists of pioneers in proof-of-stake and validation cloud, who have previously worked for industry giants such as Uber, Deloitte, Morgan Stanley, and Citadel. Other major companies that have utilized their services include Binance, Workday, Crypto.com, and R3.

With its employees located across the world, Validation Cloud prides itself on being a talent-first company. Its operations involve providing infrastructure support to companies and platforms in the early stages of development. According to co-founder Alex Nwaka, scalable and compliant infrastructure is crucial for onboarding the influx of enterprises embracing Web3.

The partnership with global investors will accelerate the adoption of Validation Cloud’s suite of products by networks, builders, and asset managers, Nwaka added. Kumar Dandapani, managing partner at Cadenza, expressed his enthusiasm for the company’s role in Proof-of-Stake and their pursuit of next-generation Web3 infrastructure. He stated that Cadenza is proud to lead this round and support Validation Cloud’s mission to bridge the gap between traditional enterprises and the expansive power of Web3.

Validation Cloud has already established partnerships with established blockchain networks such as Chainlink, Stellar, and Hedera, as well as emerging ones like Aptos, Eigenlayer, and Berachain.

In conclusion, the recent funding round and partnerships with global investors demonstrate Validation Cloud’s potential to become a leader in the Web3 space. With its cutting-edge technology and experienced team, the company is well-positioned to support the growing adoption of Web3 by enterprises.

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